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23 June 23rd of June: The Festival closes with Amos Oz
The Festival closes with Amos Oz. The author of books for children and for adults and also an essayist, this author has been translated into twenty-eight languages and is famous all over the world. The open conflicts in Israeli society and the difficult coexistence of the two cultures, European and Arab, are reflected in his novels and short stories from an ironic point of view and with no optimism.
Readings by Roberto Herlitzka, accompanied by Paolo Birro and Pietro Tonolo.
17 June 22nd of June: Javier Marías
The Festival host a great Spanish author, Javier Marías. An essayist as well as a novelist, he also writes for El País and is the leading writer for the newspaper’s weekly magazine.
The actress this evening is Laura Morante. Music played by Renato Sellani at the piano.
15 June 16th of June: Amitav Ghosh
This evening is dedicated to the great storyteller Amitav Ghosh: a writer and an anthropologist, he is certainly one of the best known English language Indian authors.
Readings by Giuseppe Cederna. Music performed by jazz pianist Danilo Rea.
10 June 14th of June: Jonathan Safran Foer and Michel Faber
The evening begins with a 28 year old literary prodigy, Jonathan Safran Foer. His first book, Everything is Illuminated, which he started to write when he was nineteen and published six months later, was an instant success all over the world and greatly appreciated by critics.
Michel Faber is the author of the publishing event entitled The Crimson Petal and the White, a contemporary novel that has the charm of great 19th century stories.
Readings by Fausto Russo Alesi with Rita Marcotulli at the piano.
8 June 9th of June: Muriel Spark cannot come to Festival. Marco Lodoli protagonist of the evening
Marco Lodoli reads his unpublished text. The actors are Amanda Sandrelli and Blas Roca Rey accompanied by Enrico Pieranunzi at the piano.
6 June 7th of June: Hitomi Kanehara and atasha Radojcic
This is feminine evening with Hitomi Kanehara, the young author who has overturned the Japanese literary world, personifying, according to the New York Times, the icon of Japanese pop culture. She will be followed by another young talent, Natasha Radojcic, a Serb from Belgrade who attracts and causes unease with her gaunt and bare style.
Readings by Sonia Bergamasco accompanied by Salvatore Bonafade at the piano.
1 June 3rd of June: Daniele Del Giudice e Ugo Riccarelli at the Festival
An entirely Italian evening with Daniele Del Giudice, whose research on fiction and linguistics have made him one of Italian literature’s most important authors, and Ugo Riccarelli; the pressing style and epic and imaginary tone of Il dolore perfetto gained him a generous comparison to Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Readings by Chiara Muti and Lina Sastri. Music by Enzo Pietropaoli.
30 May 31st of May: the Festival welcomes Ali Smith and David Leavitt
This evening there are two young authors, Scotswoman Ali Smith, brilliant and provocative and the author of the extremely successful Hotel World and minimalist David Leavitt, the rebellious and unconventional author of Family Dancing, now a classic in new American fiction.
The actress tonight is Manuela Mandracchia, with Franco D’Andrea at the piano accompanied by his quartet.
25 May 27th of May: Antonio Skármeta and Andreď Makine at the Festival
This is an evening dedicated to the courage to disagree: it begins with Antonio Skármeta, the Chilean author exiled during Pinochet’s dictatorship, who using irony and sensitivity tells stories about solidarity and friendship. He will be followed by Siberian Andreď Makine, who found asylum and literary fortune in France.
Riccardo Bini will read with music performed by Nicola Stilo and Fabio Zeppetella.
24 May 24th of May: Salman Rushdie, opens the Festival
The festival will open with Salman Rushdie, the popular Indian author who with his Satanic Verses provoked the rage of the Iranian orthodox ayatollahs, who accused him of blasphemy against Islam and sentenced him to death with a fatwa.
Toni Servillo will read accompanied by drummer Roberto Gatto and saxophonist Javier Girotto.

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