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   Franco D'Andrea
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Franco D'Andrea is a musician who needs no introduction. His artistic history is so rich, intense and coherent that it would be meaningless - unless one had sufficient space - to list all his work, his encounters and important compositions. Franco D'Andrea’s expressiveness is very close to what is known as "poetry"; a real language, deeply-rooted in the tradition of afro-American music, to the extent that it is not always easy to follow him totally in his rhythmical variations, his insistent riffs, his quotations, always in search of authenticity. Hence his work requires knowledge and great attention as well as being prepared for discoveries. The same sort of attitude he addresses to his music and that of others, and few know how to listen with such care. His training with Nunzio Rotondo in the Rome of the Sixties and then his amazing encounter with Gato Barbieri, the first who showed him the possibility of free creation. His latest work shows continuous tension and pure dialectics between innovation and tradition, set between Africa and the West. These are the basis of his work with his current quartet and the planned double trio called "Riff", a sort of bridge between the past and the future. (Giuseppe Segala)
.31 May